Erna Waterham Puerto Vallarta Real Estate
Professional and honest realtor

Selling a Home in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Perhaps one day you’re thinking of selling your  property…

We can offer you our services to make your home ready for sale, so that it sells at the best market price, which we assume is your goal as well as ours!

Our office (and I am) is a  member of AMPI (the professional association for realtors in Puerto Vallarta, so we have all tools to promote your property and potential  clients  and other agents will see  your property  promoted. 

As you probably know there can be Capital Gain Tax be involved in the sale of your property. In this market it can een happen that not the seller, but the buyer will have to pay captal gain tax on your property. Also for that reason it is important that you are listing your property with a professional real estate agent, who can advise you about this situation together with a real estate attorney.

We will guide you to the closing of your property and make sure that you will receive your money in any account where ever in the world you want to receive it,  as we arealways using an escrow company to make sure that you will have a smooth sale of your property

 If you would like to have an advice (without any obligations), please don’t hesitate to call me to make an appointment. Or feel free to walk in our office at Rodolfo Gomes # 128 (next to the flower shop) . .                   

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